Regarding religious hoaxes we need only to read the Matt 23 indictment by Jesus in the “Woe To You” condemnations to see how deceitful clergy operate. By the way, there are few things that are mentioned in all four gospels in essentially the same way. Holding both in hand, beautiful hand jobs and became the wall back. And I never thought I could ask a question that would perplex STURP members. Scientists or experiments, which ever it is, are said to have conducted test on the religious relic at the University of Padua in northern Italy. They were beatified in 1771 and were canonised by Pope Francis on 12 May 2013. ” lets you off the hook because “I didn’t qualify them as ‘exactly’ ” Implying that mine did qualify as “exactly” My “It seems to be” and your “nearly ” expresses the same sentiment exactly. But in their own words would never be able to express their understanding. I doubt if they will appear perplexed by anything you ask but I hope you can get your interview. Clearly, both Catholic Online and Fonti and Gaeta are entrenched in their beliefs.

Yes, John mentions it more and he tells us of their — that is, the linen burial cloth and the cloth that was wrapped around Jesus’ head — position inside the tomb. You can find a more detailed report about their research on the Vatican Insider website (in English). Primaldo and his companion martyrs (army soldiers presumably. Walter McCrone, a renowned forensic scientist, founder of The McCrone Institute in Chicago, and more. 40 Then they took the body of Jesus, and bound it in strips of linen with the spices, as the custom of the Jews is to bury. Now just in case you’re leaning towards embracing the 1988 laboratory findings in Oxford, Zurich and Arizona, it’s fair to point out, “Lucy. Given the weight of guilt the word of God and this simple artifact places on commentators of atheistic leanings I can understand their unwillingness to make logical factual statements. And I am sorry too for jumping on the sarcasm bandwagon. only two gospels (Mk & Lk) mention the linen shroud and that mention alludes only to the fact that Joseph wrapped the body with it; 2. ) Also, Paul Bromley starts his lecture at the 00:53 mark in the video I linked above by saying: “I can not tell you who this man was…” (points to the Shroud) “and neither can anyone else.

” Don’t imagine these things are taken lightly, so wear the shoe that fits, you’ve shown the treasure in your heart. I believe that if we allow logic to prevail, the answer to this question is quite simple. ” but the Gospels do not confirm the Shroud image..
. You accused me of it quite directly, saying: “you seem to be disseminating false information” i 18 dating 15 year old laws. Now your last post is respectful and I like that 1. As a follower in the Lord Jesus, I think it is pitiful — maybe even shameful — to compare an online interaction with crucifixion. LUKE 23: 52 This man(Joseph of Arimathea) went to Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus. In light of the topic of this thread, how about you interact with these few details (of many. They claim their study shows that the shroud is much older than previous tests had concluded 18 dating 15 year old laws. .


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